Our story.

We grew up across the street from the local municipal golf course. Just kids with nothing but time on our hands. Naturally we gravitated toward golf and everything related to golf, including diving into ponds, beating around bushes, climbing fences into back yards and poking a golf club anywhere and everywhere in search of “like new” golf balls.

The excitement of finding a shiny, almost new Acushnet, Club-Special or Kro-Flite golf ball is still fresh in our minds today. We’d clean them up with a toothbrush and soap and go sit on the 7th tee box to peddle them to the local hackers on Saturday morning: 5 for .75 cents. Entrepreneurs in the making we were! We even dabbled in caddying some, especially when the PGA Tour came to town.

But our first love was finding and selling golf balls, and in some respects it still is. We’ve grown up now and we find and sell more than just used golf balls. We look for golf merchandise and create channels for liquidating and distributing golf stuff across the country. We purchase sets, singles, apparel, bags, training aids and more. We are interested in new, used, returned goods, demo clubs, old/new stock or overstocked items that need to move on.

Give us a call or click on the Sell Clubs link to discuss buying or selling golf clubs and merchandise.


The Boss